Oral Appliances and Mouth Guards

Prescription oral devices are fit to your mouth and jaw shape, which will significantly increase efficacy over over-the-counter options. This process can be done either by taking an impression of your teeth, which can then be used by a laboratory to produce your appliance, or by using thermoplastic appliances that can be heated and molded in the home. Over time, the oral appliance will then be adjusted to move your jaw to find a position that is comfortable and also widens your airway during sleep. You can determine the efficacy of your selected device through completing a follow-up sleep study while wearing it.

There are a variety of oral appliances on the market, ranging in time and difficulty of production, fitting location (dentist office versus home), durability, efficacy, and cost. Here are some options to consider as you look at dental devices.

Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP)

The TAP devices feature midline adjustment. Their family of oral appliances includes:


SomnoDent oral appliances are custom-fit appliances that allow for movement like yawning and drinking. They're suitable for teeth grinders (bruxers) or individuals who suffer from claustrophobia. They can also be fit for patients with previous dental work including missing teeth, crowns, bridge work, or a full upper denture. The SomnoDent family of devices includes:

  • Avant
  • Fusion
  • Classic
  • Flex
  • Herbst Advance
  • AIR/AIR+


For custom ProSomnus devices, affiliated dentists will take impressions. There are a few options for this lab-made device including:

  • ProSomnus EVO, which is metal-free
  • ProSomnus [IA]
  • Prosomnus [IA] SELECT 


The OASYS is approved as a mandibular repositioner and a nasal dilator. It features an optional Lingual Tongue Button that can assist with tongue training and repositioning and is compatible with Invisalign Treatment.


Panthera is a 3D-printed device.


MicroO2 is a single-component, milled device.

EMA (Elastic Mandibular Advancement)

Zyppah Pro


Narval from ResMed