Powered by your breath

EPAP devices

Lower in profile than a CPAP mask, EPAP devices are valves that you insert into your nostrils before going to bed. Unlike a CPAP device that uses electricity to actively apply pressure, EPAP nasal devices use your own breath to create pressure. As you exhale, that pressure is used to help keep your airway open until the next inhalation.

Clinical studies

Studies have shown efficacy for EPAP treatment. For example, a 2011 report in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine described results from 13 sites including both academic and private sleep disorder centers, showing a decrease in AHI of 74.4%.

EPAP options

The Bongo Rx is an FDA-cleared reusable EPAP device made of silicone. One of the main challenges in using an EPAP device effectively is fitting. The Bongo starter kit comes with multiple sizes to help you find the right size for your nostrils. Another prescription EPAP device, the Provent, is no longer available due to supply chain issues.